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What is the NDIS?

Here at Compliance Council, we have assisted many providers achieve verification and certification to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or otherwise known as the NDIS. 


Over the next 5 years, the Australian Government is going to provide over $22 billion per annum in funding across all states and territories for over 500,00 Australians suffering from permanent or significant disability - these Australians are called participants. This is the first time that many of these Australians suffering with these types of disabilities will receive adequate support from the Australian Government, which is a welcome relief to the families and caretakers of participants. 


The NDIS has created opportunities for organisations (providers) to provide services and products to participants whilst being regulated by accredited certification bodies. 

I am a provider, what do I need to do to be able to work with the NDIS?

1. Complete the online application form


1.1 The online application form

There is an online application form located here:
You are required to complete this form before your nominated certification body can provide you with an audit, and you must identify items such as:
  • Your organisations contact details
  • The structure of your organisation
  • You locations, outlets and places of operation
  • Details of your key personnel and management


1.2 Identify the registration groups / codes that your organisation provides

You then have to identify what scope of services you are intending to provide under the NDIS, such as orthopaedic surgery, respite / overnight care, building modifications, residential house cleaning etc. The online form will filter your answers and provide you with the relevant codes aligning to the services you with to provide under the NDIS. 


1.3 Complete the Self Assessment Form

The self assessment for is your own health check to ensure that you comply to the requirements of your nominated services which includes ensuring you have the correct competencies, documentation, policies and procedures etc. 


2. Select and auditing / certification body

Upon completion of the above 3 steps, you will receive advice as to whether your organisation requires Certification or Verification.



Certification is for organisations who provide critical support services to NDIS participants such as doctors, surgeons, respite and inhouse care, among many others.
As a provider, you need to ensure that you have documentation that complies to NDIS requirements, and nominates your relevant scope of services or products provided. There are 2 stages to certification - the provider's documentation is reviewed at what is known as Stage 1, and implementation of the policies and procedures found within the documentation is reviewed at Stage 2. 


Verification is generally for non critical services such as cleaning, building modification, bus drivers, taxi drivers, providers of products such as prosthetics, mobility devices etc. 

The verification process is a simplified compared to certification, however still requires you to have adequate documentation relevant to NDIS requirements, as well as adequate identification and alignment to competency requirements as per NDIS.


Obtaining a proposal

Following the completion of your self assessment, providers will then be able to request proposals as per above. Your proposal will reflect your scope, and type of audit your organisation will be required to undertake. 
There are a number of certification bodies in this space, we can assist you align with an appropriate certification body. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. 

The Assessment and Audits

Whether verification or certification, providers are to have a management system reflecting the requirements of the services provided, modules elected etc. Simply having a verbal or undocumented process is not adequate for assessment or audit.
Your management system must reflect the requirements as per the NDIS. For providers seeking certification, the Stage 1 audit is solely focused on reviewing your documentation and management system for adequacy against relevant requirements. For providers seeking verification, largely the audit will consist of document review to ensure NDIS requirements are met. 
It is imperative that your organisation has documentation that complies to NDIS requirements prior to Stage 1 or Verification. 
Providers seeking certification, Stage 2 will be the review of records and evidence demonstrating that the policies, procedures and processes identified within the management system are in fact implemented and their intent being achieved. This may include review of past incidents, review of past complaints management, ensuring competency management requirements are upheld and maintained. 


Compliance Council have become a trusted advisor to many organisations seeking to become an NDIS provider, and our record speaks for itself.

We assist our clients navigate the NDIS process in a number of ways:
- Selection of appropriate registration groups
- Assist complete NDIS self assessment
- Provide management systems including policies and procedures that align to either verification or certification
- Provide ongoing support throughout verification or certification process, including on the ground consultation and implementation activities
- Training of staff and workforce of the requirements of the NDIS and the organisation's Management System





Unlike our competitors, our team actively work as NDIS auditors. We developed our NDIS consultancy services after seeing first hand the lack of care and support shown to providers following the purchase of management systems, which were often non-compliant and did not meet NDIS requirements. 

Following the  purchase of a management system from Compliance Council, you are provided 2 hours of complimentary consultation time. No ongoing subscriptions, no ongoing fees. You can then choose to engage us as much or as little as you see fit at competitive rates. 

We simplify the NDIS process in to layman's terms, and help guide our clients through what can appear to be quite a daunting process. 

All staff that work for Compliance Council are employees - not contractors - thus we can ensure that our clients are getting what they paid for and can expect to be supported throughout the entire process. 

How do I get started?

Visit our Online Marketplace to review our template product range, or contact us below!



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of providers have you assisted?

As a leading provider of NDIS Consulting Services, we have provided assistance to Allied Health Providers, Occupational Therapists, Respite Facilities, Gyms and Personal Trainers,  as well as supplementary services such as Cleaning, Transport / Drivers, Equipment Providers (such as mobility devices, orthapaedic devices) among many more. 

Is it hard to become and NDIS Provider?

No, it is not difficult. If you are an organisation that provides services that align to an NDIS criteria, you will likely be able to achieve verification or certification. 

You can not claim from the NDIS or seek verification or certification if you do not have a business. We receive multiple phone calls each week from clients who 'want to get in to the NDIS' as a means of profiting from a government scheme, with no background or interest in healthcare. The scheme is safeguarded against misconduct and we do not support these businesses. 

Is it hard to manage the NDIS Management System?
No, our systems are very simple to use. We try keep paperwork to a minimum with no excessive documentation or activities that are a waste of time. We provide you with what you need to comply to NDIS requirements and for you to provide the best outcome to the participant. 
Are there any hidden costs?

We operate on a fixed or declared cost model, thus you know what you are going to be provided for the money you have paid, so there are no hidden surprises.

However, there may be costs involved with items such as improving the competencies of staff members to comply to NDIS requirements, upgrading of equipment and facilities to comply etc - which are out of our control and differ case to case. 

Is the initial consultation obligation free?

Yes, the initial phone discussion with our consultant is free, so we can gain an understanding of your business. 

Advice and guidance provided from this point may be subject to charge which will be declared prior to service being provided. 

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