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What is ISO 20121?

The event industry is ever-growing worldwide. After the excitement generated from the Olympic Games in London, 2012, the International Organisation for Standardisation developed a standard which focused on the sustainable management of a plethora shape and size of events.

Published in July 2012, ISO 20121:2012, full name being Event Sustainability Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use, maintains that businesses should adhere to the three dimensions that reflect sustainability – economic, environmental, and social – at all stages of the business’ supply chain.

All events consume a significant amount of resources, with the pressure of water and energy usage contributing to waste and the generation of large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, leaving behind a carbon footprint. ISO 20121 aims to reduce the negative impacts produced from the running of an event through improved planning and purchases. It provides assistance in identifying key issues, and supporting all parties involved in the organisation of an event in setting targets, creating action plans, monitoring and measuring steps taken, and pursuing continual improvement.


Achieving certification with ISO 20121 will:

  • Improve efficiency in carrying out processes
  • Enable leaders in event management to demonstrate their actions in a credible and transparent way
  • Enhance the business’ reputation and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders, thereby leading to a greater potential in global tendering
  • Reduce the business’ carbon footprint as improved planning and purchases is carried out throughout the event supply chain
  • Show commitment to sustainability through the better management of biodiversity of venues, carbon emissions, and resource use

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Eight Weeks to Certification

Certification can be an extremely valuable asset to organisations. It can enable them to attract more clients, generate higher revenue, and build better customer confidence. In addition to this, some organisations require businesses to be certified to management standards in order to win tenders.

We specialise in assisting organisations with developing and implementing management systems which put your business on the path to becoming certified in as little as eight weeks.

Our Eight Week Process is designed to give clients the most efficient turnaround time whilst delivering service second to none.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you work with?

As a leading provider of consultancy services we cover a wide range of disciplines including safety compliance, quality compliance and environmental compliance across high-risk industries.

We work with high risk industries including construction, manufacturing, aviation, professional services, healthcare, and transport.

What can all these management systems do for my business?

Management Systems alone won’t add any value to your business or your staff. Although, if a Management System is designed to fit into the existing operations of the business, and with input from the expected staff who will be using the system, then you will start seeing improvement.

Depending on the type of Management System and what standards it is designed to comply with, you can expect the following improvements:

  • Less instances of the organisation quoting/tendering for a project/client that they cannot actually provide the product or service for
  • Better responses to customer complaints
  • A mechanism for identifying issues and then systematically fixing them and preventing them from occurring again
  • If certified, recognition from your customers for achieving certification and increased confidence from prospective customers

These are some of the benefits of a Management System although there are many more that an organisation can achieve if it adopts the system into its core operations.

Our Team

What is Third Party Certification and who does it?
Third Party Certification is the process of having your Management System audited by an independent third party. This type of auditing is typically used by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) who are regulated by a government organisation known as JAS-ANZ. These CABs can issue registered certificates of compliance to various standards such as ISO 9001, AS 4801, and ISO 14001.
Is the process fixed at the duration of eight weeks?
The Eight Week Process is our preferred methodology for most Management System projects although this can vary depending on the standards involved and internal deadlines.
Are there any hidden costs?
Unlike many competitors who operate by a time and materials model, we operate by a fixed-fee model. We provide clients with proposals that outline the methodology for the project, the deliverables, and the total cost.
Is the initial consultation obligation free?
Yes, the initial consultation meeting with you to gauge what certification would be suitable for the business and also get an understanding of how the business works is free so that we can provide an accurate proposal.
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Matthew Allport
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Jason O’Grady
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