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About Compliance Council

Given the increasingly high standards and demands that are placed on businesses and providers of goods and services, the need for compliance across high-risk industries throughout Australia is becoming more prevalent.

Compliance Council removes the burden and stress of meeting industry standards from time-poor industries. Based in Sydney, Australia, our team of compliance professionals consists of experts from various sectors, having gained significant experience working with companies of all sizes ranging from new start-ups to large Australian blue chip organisations.

At the forefront of the Australian business landscape, the four key compliance elements that we focus on are safety, quality, environment, and information security management; working hand-in-hand with industries such as construction, aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, transport and more.

Uncomplicated Compliance Management Systems that give Organisations a Competitive Advantage to Grow.

What We Do

As a management systems consultancy, our purpose at Compliance Council is to simplify the compliance obligations of organisations across Australia. These compliance obligations arise from legal, contractual and industry requirements across a range of disciplines including quality, health, safety, environment and information security management.

Our services include:

  • Development and implementation of management systems
  • Revision and simplification of existing management systems
  • Internal audits for your management system
  • Government prequalification application assistance
  • Advice for complying with statutory and contractual requirements

8 Step Process

Here at Compliance Council we aim to help you achieve certification. Our signature 8 Step Process is designed to provide clients the most efficient turnaround time with industry leading customer service.

Compliance Council Eight Week Process

Why Choose Us

Here at Compliance Council we all love to simplify.

At heart, we are a team of friendly and easy-going minimalists, preferring to strip away the excess and keeping the essentials. This defines our approach – to bring a simple, direct, and clear process to our Management Systems.

We dislike the complexity that our competitors add to the process, firmly believing that there is no need for bulky amounts of unnecessary paperwork in meeting compliance obligations. Our aim is to deliver the essentials, then to build upon it to suit our client’s needs; this way, the process is simplified, tailored, and confidently meets compliance standards, all in as little as 8 steps.

Health and Safety Management

Safety Compliance Management Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management

Health and safety should always be the number one priority in every organisation. Our team works closely with clients across various industries to ensure all health and safety elements of the industry are being taken care of.

The responsibility of management for the health and safety of their workers (including volunteers and subcontractors) has increased due to changes with the introduction of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 in NSW for example.

Health and Safety includes the development and implementation of a health and safety management standard that complies with recognised standards including; OHSAS 18001, AS/NZS 4801, and the NSW Government WHSMS and Auditing Guidelines (Edition 5).

Quality Management

Quality Management Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality issues within a high-risk industry organisation can consume significant financial and human resources. To improve employee and customer confidence in your brand, Compliance Council is able to implement a continuous improvement framework for the organisation.

Regardless of your industry – whether it be manufacturing, construction, aviation, mining, professional services, transport, hospitality, or healthcare – Compliance Council works with developing and implementing quality management systems that
comply with ISO 9001.

These systems will help to achieve more consistent control on business operations, on your output of goods and services, and on the general well-being of your organisation.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Environmental Management

Environmental Compliance Management

Compliance Council understands that all organisations have an impact on the environment. We work with your organisation to help identify these aspects and implement a cost-effective framework tailored to suit your company’s processes; thus, enhance the environmental focus of your business, win lucrative tenders, and save finite resources and energy.

Some environmental elements that we work on include ISO 14001 (Environment Management Systems)and NSW Government Environment Management System Guidelines (Edition 3).

These management systems are aimed to reduce your carbon footprint, save costs and add value to your business, and improve your corporate image.

Information Security Management

Information Security Management Information Security Management

Information Security Management

Compliance Council understands the importance of customer and stakeholder confidentiality.Developing and implementing an information security management system to manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information from third parties.

Compliance Council assists organisations within achieving third party certification to ISO 27001 which demonstrates that people can entrust your organisation with keeping their information secure. In today’s cyber security climate it is critical for organisations to implement an information security management system.

Authorised Engineering Organisation

Authorised Engineering Organisation Authorised Engineering Organisation

Authorised Engineering Organisation

Authorisation by the Asset Standards Authority is required to deliver engineering projects for Transports for NSW (TfNSW). It allows for the recognition of rail-based capabilities, as well as the organisation’s proficiency in Asset Standards Authority (ASA) and TfNSW engineering management and safety processes. An AEO status enables organisations to deliver rolling stock, systems engineering, and asset management processes with assurance throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Compliance Council have worked with leading innovators of rail and tramway infrastructure and rolling stock, Australian Rail Technology, whose services span Australia and New Zealand.

Executive Team

Matthew Allport

Matthew Allport | Director

Matthew is Compliance Council’s Director, and a Management Systems professional with experience across a wide range of industries and businesses. Matthew is passionate about debunking the myth that businesses need to have copious amounts of unnecessary paperwork to meet their legal and client-mandated compliance obligations.

“As a consultancy, we have taken a unique approach. Rather than valuing industry experience, we focus on creativity and a desire to ‘simplify’. This translates to our work with Compliance Management Systems, commonly regarded as being convoluted, unnecessary and complicated.“

Jason O’Grady

Jason O’Grady | General Manager

Jason is our General Manager whose primary focus is on developing business relationships and maintaining interactions with prospective and existing clients. Skilled in business development and client management, Jason executes various roles which include screening leads’ information, and identifying sales opportunities to generate new business for Compliance Council. linkedin

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